Posted on Jun 8, 2018

Automotive Touch Up Paint

Automotive Touch Up Paint Scratch & Chip Complete Repair Demonstration

Learn How To Easily Remove Car Paint Scratches & Stone Chips?

How To Fix Car Scratches & Paint Chips Easily & Cost Effectively?

D.I.Y Home Handyman Value Plus Video Guide To Fixing Scratch & Chip Damaged Car Paints 
Watch a master painter tradesman remove and repair car paint damage easily using the advanced step by step permanent automotive total touch up paint damage scratch and chip restoration system video.

Make no mistakes Using the unique 2 stage proprietary intellectual property multi component D.I.Y exact match coded paint repair system will totally remove impact paint transfer and other industrial fall out, completely removing light paint scratches using abrasive cutting compound agents totally avoiding the use of paints in stage 1 and hide by way of camouflaging heavy scratches, stone and other paint chips, permanently stop rust or treat all rusting metal then applying primers to both metal and plastic substrates using the original O.E.M paints to duplicate the original factory layering procedure in stage 2 of the professional qualified trades repair video.

You may choose to further bring the applied restored paints and colours to a better closer factory level paint finish by by simply sanding the final applied colour or clear using water and abrasive soft sandpaper on a sanding block and then manually hand or machine cut and polish bringing the touch up,s to a flat shinny finished repair
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