Posted on Aug 28, 2017

Automotive Touch Up Paint

TOYOTA 202 EBONY SCRATCH REPAIR COLOR. "We stock everything you need to touch up your cars damaged paint"

1) Toyota All Years & Model Cars, Trucks, Vans & SUV

2) Remove & clean impact residue/paint transfers from painted surfaces.

3) Remove light scratching & stubborn marks in the clear coats on metallic paints.

4) Treat already rusted steel, rusting metal & stop the progression of rust.

5) Restore metal primer surfacers to get better paint levels in scratch repair finishes & promote adhesion between steel panels or parts & other paint layers.

6) Restore plastic primer to panels & parts to promote adhesion between the plastic & the paint ensuring permanent repairs.

7) Restore color that has been removed using original factory O.E.M exact match paint.

8) Restore, shine and seal paint color using factory gloss clear to get long lasting permanent repairs.

9) Shine, seal and protect paints with high grade long lasting top coat polishing wax.

10) Save dollars and add value to your car by touching up the paint "Like A Pro"

11) Want to own the best paint products on the planet for maintaining car paint and removing scratches?.... Simply get your color code either from your car or by calling the nearest maker new car parts department and quote the V.I.N number on your registration papers.

12) Press the buy button on any scratch product and in the following information pages insert all relevant details including the color code & submit your order.
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